Respiratory Services

For some patients, improving just one thing in their lives can positively affect their daily activities, the quality of their sleep, the distance they can walk or exercise, or even how well their medications work. What’s the one thing? Breathing. In respiratory services at TLC Health Network, the focus is on providing quality testing and education for patients by physician order to diagnose and treat lung conditions – so you can breathe easier and live healthier!

At Lake Shore Health Care Center, our New York State licensed, registered respiratory therapists are experienced in the testing they provide for inpatients and outpatients seeking the diagnosis of and relief from lung conditions including:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Emphysema

For outpatients, a newly-renovated and private area awaits their visit with our qualified staff for pulmonary function testing (PFTs), a group of non-invasive tests that provide measurable feedback about an individual’s lung function. In this modern, private setting, patients get the personal attention and one-on-one instruction to provide physicians with the information necessary to advance to the next stage in the patient’s treatment and care plan. Smoking cessation and individual patient education is offered upon request.

Physician offices and patients are welcome to call 716-951-7113 for more information. Companies – including area emergency response teams in need of breathing apparatus training – are also invited to call for details. Most major insurances are accepted.

For emergencies in the local area, please call 911 or your local ambulance service directly.