Surgical Services

Healing Starts Here

The caring staff at TLC Health Network’s surgical services department meet a wide range of your family’s needs in comfortable settings at Lake Shore Health Care Center. Welcome to the place where TLC truly does explain the tender loving care you’ll receive when you come through our doors and during the care you receive in the hands of people and board-certified surgeons and specialists that know you by name and treat you like family.

“Your staff was very professional and most courteous! I would gladly drive… to Irving any time for health care.” K.M.

At TLC Health Network, we work with you throughout your health and healing process. For some surgeries, there are joint replacement classes to prepare you and your family from start to finish for your best outcome. For all visits, our surgical staff and nursing team provide you with the information you need, the comfort you require and offer an impressive array of “close to home” medical procedures including eye surgery and vision corrective procedures, orthopedic, joint and sports medicine as well as endoscopy procedures and general surgery such as laparoscopic removal of appendix and gall bladder.

“The Lake Shore staff is the best. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who needs medical care.” T.T.

Department Highlights:

  • General surgery procedures include: bowel resection, breast biopsies with needle biopsy, mastectomy, hernia repair, pacemaker implantation, Mediport and Hickman catheter insertion.
  • Orthopedic surgical procedures include total joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder) or arthroscopic procedures (knee, shoulder). Orthopedic fracture repair is also offered. Procedures are performed with newly purchased, state-of-the-art Arthrex video equipment.
  • In our endoscopy department, procedures include colonoscopy, endoscopy and tube placements.

Contact us today with your questions or ask your physician office to schedule your visit with us at 716-951-7041. We welcome your call!

For emergencies in the local area, please call 911 or your local ambulance service directly.